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Quique Abad

Loves: Doing crossfit, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and friends.

Eats: Everything you can eat!! Spanish and Italian food are my favourite.

Listens to: Coldplay, Jason Derulo, Vetusta Morla…

Ideal Day: Visiting anyplace I’ve never been before!

ThomasQuique Abad
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Loves: Photography, tattoos, music, travel to new places and good movies and tv shows.

Eats: I’m a veggie, and as a good one I love french fries and my grandma’s tortilla.

Listens to: From alternative rock, to soul and r&b, getting to different types of electronic music. But most of all I enjoy live concerts or festivals.

Ideal day: Beer, friends, music, animals and a sunny, not too warm, day :).

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Loves: Dance, yoga, photography, theater, tattoos and 70’s movies.

Eats:  grandma and mum´s food <3

Listens to: 80´s style, techno, trance, Franz Ferdinand and Ella Fitzgerald.

Ideal Day:  Zen beach mood or sunny live music day with dogs and friends.

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LOVES:  Movies, games, cars, speed, bikes, training, Djing, chilling, so many things.

EATS:  Everything, with no problems to do it two times, maybe three. 😉

LISTENS TO:  Kizomba, afrohouse, techno, hip-hop, samba, forró… all kind of music.

IDEAL DAY:  Everyday. That´s the way of life.

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LOVES: Writing, playing guitar, photography, live music…

EATS: Everything but olives.

LISTENS TO: Electronic music, reggae, ethnic, jazz, soul, classic…

IDEAL DAY: Sunny day on the beach, good company, two bottles of lemonade, two bottles of wine, a concert at sunset, and a long night awake… (as usual).

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Loves: My cameras, shopping and travel.

Eats: Everything! The most I try the most I like food. Risotto and sushi lover.

Listens to: Indie music, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna.

Ideal Day: Going for a good breakfast to a nice local coffee shop, walk around, visit monuments and take thousands of pictures.

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Harry Matthews

Loves: Art, Music, Politics, Food, Drinks and Boogie.

Eats: All things Spicy & anything from Grandmas Kitchen.

Listens to: Disco, Punk, Ska, Jazz, Electro, Industrial or Anything that is going to make me shake a leg.

Ideal Day: Give me Live Music, Fancy Dress, Guinness and I’m there!

ThomasHarry Matthews
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Loves: Flamenco, my kitten “Lole” and a nice sunny brunch.

Eats: Everything, though I’m not a big fan of spicy food. Salmorejo is my weakness!

Listens to: Death Metal Justin Bieber Covers and Reggaeton Electrolatino.

Ideal Day: Surf, jam & nap in the van.

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Loves: Beer, writing, music, books, and tattoos.

Eats: As much as I can (veggies and steak are a favorite!).

Listens to: I love Indie music, Jazz, and some Salsa once in a while.

Ideal Day: Big brunch on a sunny day, live music on the streets, and a get together with my friends.

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