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LOVES: Music and movies, by all means! Plus I truly enjoy learning about the world while backpacking.

EATS: A massive love for seafood!

LISTENS TO: Good vibes funk and bossanova, some gansta hip hop from time to time.

IDEAL DAY: Somewhere far from civilization with a beautiful sunset and salty hair. I’ve always been nature´s kid!

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LOVES:  Movies, games, cars, speed, bikes, training, Djing, chilling, so many things.

EATS:  Everything, with no problems to do it two times, maybe three. 😉

LISTENS TO:  Kizomba, afrohouse, techno, hip-hop, samba, forró… all kind of music.

IDEAL DAY:  Everyday. That´s the way of life.

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LOVES: Writing, playing guitar, photography, live music…

EATS: Everything but olives.

LISTENS TO: Electronic music, reggae, ethnic, jazz, soul, classic…

IDEAL DAY: Sunny day on the beach, good company, two bottles of lemonade, two bottles of wine, a concert at sunset, and a long night awake… (as usual).

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LOVES: Arts & Crafts, decorating and creating.

EATS: Super spicy curry with tabasco sauce and deathly hot peppers.

LISTENS TO: C. Tangana and Rels B in a loop, flexing all day long babe!

IDEAL DAY: A whole day with a no limit credit card shopping and a nice meal at La Azotea.

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LOVES: Outdoor activities, Cinema, Music, drive at night with good company.

EATS: Home made soups.

LISTENS TO: Roots Reggae, Soul, Old School Rap, Jazz, Disco, Folk..any sort of music.

IDEAL DAY: 1:Extra large coffee + news + jazz chiled music; 2: exercise + good & healthy meal with red wine; 3: stay outdoor writing or taking pictures, dinner with more wine.

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LOVES: Playing music and surfing.

EATS: Everything, but I´m a huge fan of Annabella’s Home made South West sauce La Banda Wraps!

LISTENS TO: Death Metal Justin Bieber Covers and Electrolatino.

IDEAL DAY: Surf, jam & nap in the van.

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LOVES: Travelling, cooking, dancing, soccer.

EATS: Everything, but I never get enough of “Nudelschinkengratin especial”.

LISTENS TO: Ska, Reaggae (+ton), Electro, Salsa and Cumbia, Funk.

IDEAL DAY: Spending time at the beach with lovely people and a small music and food festival.

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